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10/10/2016 On Sunday October 23rd we will be moving our servers to a new location. The new location has a much faster connection to the internet and great cliamte controls. This will mean that the servers will be down for approximatly 4 hours while we move them.
8/1/2016 CyVon has been acquired by Cost Per Copy Consultants Inc. Together we will be able to provide better service and a much larger range of services!
7/25/2014 Outbound e-mail has been suspended from 7:15a to 9:00a for unscheduled maintenance. This is to cleanup spam sent from a user account.
2/3/2014 Due to a failure of the battery backup control unit. There was a failure of primary functions from 8:32am until 10:11am.
11/11/2013 We Are looking for a good Tech. Apply here: Employment
5/15/2013 Due to a hardware failure in one of our SAN servers, E-mail and Websites where unavailable from 2:24am to 8:15am today. There is no data loss, and all services have been restored. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.
4/18/2013 Increased spam fighting measures have been implemented. Allowing us to stop about half of the spam that currently get through our other filters. And allows known good email to be received quicker.
9/20/2012 I am please to announce that firewall banning has been put into place for ip addresses that exceed a very high level of failed logon attempts to email and ftp. This helps prevent hacking of passwords, which is an all too common occurrence.
4/16/2011 Good news for anyone using Thunderbird or Outlook 2007+. Automatic configuration of accounts is now setup. This means those programs should automatically find the server and port information for your CyVon hosted e-mail accounts.
11/11/2010 Lots of E-Mail news today. Managesieve access is now avalible! We have also released a new AJAX based webmail application. For easy Sieve access, you can edit the filters via the new webmail system.
11/07/2010 The IMAP/POP server we use was just upgraded to support sieve scripts. Managesieve access should be avalible soon.
09/10/2009 Pardon our Dust
We are currently re-working the website.
06/05/2009 Another year, another round of server upgrades. Service interruption should be minimal. You may experiance brief connection drops throughout the day as services are moved. (Reconnect/Refresh should fix it.)
12/08/2008 All services restored after primary services server reboot. Reboot took longer than expected. Downtime was from 8:00a - 8:27a.
08/27/2007 During this week we will be moving primary functions to a new server With increased capacity. There should be no downtime as services are moved.
01/03/2007 A hard drive in the main webserver failed at approx. 3:00am CST. No data loss has occured. A replacment hard drive has been installed. Website performance will be slightly degraded until approx. 1:00pm CST due to the new hard drive rebuilding.
08/14/2006 Parts of the Administration console have been moved to beta testing.
07/24/2006 TLS and SSL Encryption is now avalible for all E-mail Services. If you are not using the Webmail System to read your e-mail, We Highly Suggest enabling TLS or SSL on your e-mail Client.
07/12/2006 It has come to my attention that the default session directory was not writeable by all users. This has been changed. However, it is reccommened that a php_ini directive be added to all php scripts utilizing sessions. This directive should set the save path to somewhere within the customers private_data directory.
06/28/2006 All E-mail from previous system has been transfered.
06/27/2006 Primary Services moved to Servers. Administration site will be un-avalible for some time as it is adapted. DNS services will be moved shortly.
06/23/2006 New Servers Initally Brought Online.